nooretevahetus youth exchange nyh hispaania spain estonia eesti erasmusName of the project: Not Bullying, Let’s Art!

Date: 24th September to 2nd October 2018

City / Country : Malaga, Spain




What was the main topic of the event?

Egle Haljassaar – Arts and media as a way to face bullying and promote social inclusion.

Marielle Tuum – Art against bullying

Elise Müür – The main topic was bullying and also art. Mainly how to let people express themselves through art, not through bullying.

Elizaneth Saks – to me that was finding myself and others i think that was bullying.

Airiin Ojala – How to face bullying through arts and media, what to do and how arts could be useful.

Liis-Marii Järve – Fighting against bullying through art.


What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Egle Haljassaar – I really enjoyed the workshops with different arts – especially painting. I found it really relaxing, a good way to work with myself, tidy up my thoughts and express without words. Different people express themselves in different ways and we should accept it more. Differences enrich us and the environment around us.

Marielle Tuum – I loved all the workshops, especially the ones where we had to do something ourselves (video making, drawing etc.) and group work as well.

Elise Müür – I realised, that people tend to choose people in their lives that are similar to themselves, and that’s mostly unintentional. Now i will definitely try to think about that more, not put labels on people without knowing them and also not follow stereotypes.

Elizaneth Saks – In the art workshop, I learned about feelings and lot of by myself.

Airiin Ojala – The biggest learning moment for me was that there are so many different people and so many different ideas how to produce new things.

Liis-Marii Järve – I’m not quite sure. One of the best things was doing stuff (painting) with people who are “different”. I don’t really get to do that often and I super enjoyed it. I learned a lot from the people in the project. So many different cultures that I have been sharing with my friends back here in Estonia.


Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Egle Haljassaar – I´m already quite active 😀

Marielle Tuum – Yes, I don´t know how yet, but I do want to stay active in the field.

Elise Müür – Yes, definitely. I really felt that I could express myself freely and I was heard. I would really like to participate in more youth exchanges and also do long-term voluntary work abroad.

Elizaneth Saks – I think yes, i will try the youth exchanges to different countries.

Airiin Ojala – I have always been against bullying and discriminating others. It was perfect opportunity to see other’s point of view and now i can share it in Estonia too.

Liis-Marii Järve – I have been active in this field for some time. I was in a project that was against bullying in the LBGT+ community and that was quite fun. Now I was in this project and I will probably do more things like this in the future knowing me.


Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

Egle Haljassaar – I would recommend these kind of experiences to young people. It is a good way to get to know yourself a bit more and other people around the world too. 

Marielle Tuum – Of course, I think it was an amazing experience. I got to learn so many new thing, make new friend, travel and so on. I will do a presentation about the project at school, because I want to spread the info. 🙂

Elise Müür – There were some aspects that a little unpleasant, like there were too many people, who didn’t know how to speak English at all and couldn’t communicate with any of us except their own country representatives. I would still recommend this to my friends, because it really widened my horizons and it was a great experience. I found so many good friends, especially the ones I went there with. The feeling there was indescribable.

Elizaneth Saks – I already did this because i really liked the experience and they liked this too.

Airiin Ojala – I recommend this experience to every young person to whom this opportunity has been given. It makes your world so much bigger, gives you so much new experiences and new friends. Also it makes your life longer because laughing is the key to a long life 😉

Liis-Marii Järve – Yes, of course. I think a lot of people should go through an experience like this. It widens ones views of the world and so on.


Other comments or anything else you would like to share? You can answer in your mother tongue, if you want!

Elise Müür – I really loved the meeting with the Pueblos de Colores project people. It was amazing and that really is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I think was a very important part of the whole exchange. Very creative and fun.

Elizaneth Saks – Big big hug to all the people from not bullying, let`s art exchange

Airiin Ojala – For real, everyone should at least go to one youth exchange in their lives. It gives so much to you and soon you’ll be addicted to it.


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme