Seminar / Contact Making


seminar nyh eesti impact lab contact making erasmus+ estoniaName of the Project: IMPACT LAB

Type of the Project: Seminar

Place: Vanaõue, Estonia

Activity dates: 23rd to 30th April 2018

Number of participants: 29


Countries involved: Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey


Summary of the Project:

IMPACT LAB was a contact making seminar which brought together 29 youth workers from 18 different countries to share best practices of strategic planning in youth work and enhance the collaboration between the organisations.


IMPACT LAB aimed at providing an opportunity to organisations active in youth work to enhance their managerial capacities and to foster future co-operation and joint projects, all with a focus on quality, strategic planning, boosting and measuring impact, and visibility.


This seminar was an opportunity to enhance the managerial capacities of organisations to meet international partner organisations and to foster future co-operation and joint projects. What made it special was that a focus was put on quality in youth work, as well as on strategic planning and long-term impact.


As results of the Project:

– 29 youth workers shared tools on quality and impact among 21 organisations;

– dozens of initiative mobility projects drafted;

– in depth 6 mobility project applications written;

– raised competences of 29 youth workers in ensuring quality and impact in international youth work.



Links of Videos or Materials Developed:


Overview video of the seminar:

Overview of the Organisations Presented

Mladiinfo Slovensko – Slovakia – Dajana:

Turkiye Avrupa Vakfi – Turkey – Busra:

Imagina – Spain – Ana & Gloria:

Volunteers Centre Skopje – Macedonia – Vasko:

Praxis – Greece – Vasilis:

VulcanicaMente – Italy – Sara:

Kirtimai Culture Centre – Lithuania – Sandra:

Radosni – Poland – Radek:

Associazione Culturale Strauss – Italy – Nuccia:

European Youth Centre Breclav – Czech Republic – Niki & Jakub:

Vordingborg Ungdomsskole – Denmark – Marta:

Lavod Roka – Slovenia – Marjana:

Move & Development Foundation – Poland – Mariusz:

Youth Dynamics – Cyprus – Maria:

Noored Ühiskonna Heaks – Estonia – Kristiine:

Global Wave Foundation – Poland – Gosia:

Hugarafl – Iceland – Fjóla:

Lag Vallis Colapis – Croatia – Dinko:

MeOut Association – Hungary – Dotyi:

Tortuga – Austria – Elli:


Booklet of the training course:

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