Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for volunteer for European Voluntary Service placement called Lets Do It Volunteers 2” for 11 months, which will take place from 1st July 2018 to 31st May 2019 in Mussomeli (Sicily), Italy.


Hosting Organisations is

Associazione Culturale Strauss is a nonprofit organization that was created in Mussomeli in 1999. It is a self-financed organization that is part of ARCI (Italian Cultural Recreational Association).

“Arci Strauss” has as main objectives the promotion of a multicultural and multiethnic society, the dissemination of culture and values of the European community in marginal and peripheral areas such as the province of Caltanissetta, and to support for young people.

Main mission of our organization is in fact to meet young people’s needs and provide them services for their social, professional, cultural and personal growing.

The youngsters, target group of “Strauss”, are aged between 15 and 30 years, and many of them are living different disadvantage situation: economic; education; social; geographical, environmental, disability, etc.


The services offered and the activities promoted by Strauss to support the reality of youth extend from the local to the international level. Specifically, the Strauss manages and works with the following services and activities:

– InfoYOUTH desk;

– Europe desk, that includes the Eurodesk Local Agency;

– “Crea-Impresa” desk;

– “Borsa Lavoro” service for minors charged with crimes of various kind;

– Languages laboratories, art workshops and multimedia laboratories;

– Care, maintenance and beautification of the urban park “Villa Aldisio”;

– European Youth Exchanges and Youth Initiatives in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating;

– Seminars, Training Course, Study Visits in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating;

– European Voluntary Service in Hosting, Sending and Coordinating;

– Cultural entertainment and assistance projects for children in kindergartens and elementary schools;

– Educational projects promoting active citizenship and cultural diversity at middle and high schools;

– Inclusion and integration projects at centers for the disabled and residential communities for minors;

– Projects for tourism promotion and internationalization of the territory;

– Organization of seminars, conferences, caravans antimafia, exhibitions and various events at the local level.

– Orienting women on labour market


The Profile of the volunteer: proactive, motivated to work in a foster home environment, with sense of responsibility, like to work in a team, flexible, with handwork skills, and communication ability. We are looking for volunteers who can work with all social media, promoting social messages and the “international days” campaigns (via Facebook, writing articles in blogs, creating Youtube).


The volunteer’s tasks are the following:

In full compliance with the EVS Charter and through a learning process based on NFE methods, EVS volunteers will have the opportunity to enrich their personal, social, professional and cultural areas, participating in activities sponsored and implemented by Strauss.

Specifically, Strauss manages 3 projects within two volunteers are placed. Projects are identified in three thematic action inherent in the history and mission of the association:


Environment project – volunteers will join the staff of Strauss and local volunteers in activities to promote environmental policies affecting the green area called “Villa Aldiso – ArciPark” (of ​​about 2000 square meters) entrusted to Strauss by the Municipality of Mussomeli. Volunteers will be involved in the activities such as:

– Care and beautification of the area;

– Recycling workshops;

– Gardening contest and flower arrangements;

– Graffiti workshops ;

– Awareness-raising activities and promotion of “environmental days.”

Moreover, it is given that with the full support of the city administration, the Strauss is transforming parts of the area in a Social Garden, volunteers will work in practice management of the entire complex, including the organic cultivation of native non-commercial varieties and free distribution of the products.


Journalism and Media – the project involves the active and participated support by volunteers in various areas related to the topic:

writing articles on ” La Meduza”, blog by our EVS volunteer about free theme or particular topic, chosen with the volunteers group.

– Journalism workshops conducted with the support of our web coordinator;

– Preparation and management of the newsletter, the website and the Facebook page;

– Care of the “section of the EVS volunteer”, on online local newspapers as “ and”;

– Photo editing and Video Making laboratories;

– Weekly tours of photography; photo exhibitions.


Culture and information – part of the project, implemented directly in the secondary schools of the City of Mussomeli, where Strauss manages autonomous spaces and realizes communication products for disclosure, foresees the collaboration of volunteers who, with conversations and historical-didactic paths, will support teachers implementing language, culture and traditions workshops. It is active for 3 years now.

The project also includes the full involvement of two volunteers in the organization and implementation of “English conversation clubs”, implemented laboratory classes of Strauss and addressed to young people and the local community.


Social project. Cooperation with Casa Famiglia Vanessa (Futurnoi Soc. Coop.) and Casa Rosetta ONLUS.


Volunteers could participate in the following activities organized by Strauss and participated by EVS volunteers hosted in HO by Strauss itself:

– Italian language lessons, twice a week, integrating with the OLS;

– intercultural evenings, passion night, Eurocinema night, 1 per week;

– organization of events; E + promotion campaigns, etc, intended as a monthly appointment

– Language classes with children, adolescents and youngsters in all schools in Mussomeli

– Language conversation club at Strauss

– Activities at the municipal Library (cataloguing, front office)


Volunteer time would be of 07 hours per day, 05 days per week, two consecutive days off per week and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project.

Accommodation: Volunteer will be housed in the apartment upper the association’s office, of which Strauss is owner, thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Mussomeli. The structure is part of the Palazzo Spinnato. Last year our organization restructured the site and in May inaugurate the “Centro Europeo per la Cultura Francesca Sorce”, dedicated to a social worker of Mussomeli died in the fulfilment of her duty.

The accommodation is very big, new and comfortable and it is provided of all facilities. It ‘also useful to point out that the structure has the following utilities: 7 mega internet h24, TV, oven, 2 fridges, hobs, kitchen sinks, kitchen utensils, 2 washing machines, 1 washtub, irons and drying racks, 8 washbasins, 5 showers, 5 toilets and all the furniture needed to accommodate the volunteers.


Food and Pocket Money: We will provide €250 (every 30 days) to cover costs of food and extra expenses during non-working time.


The Erasmus + Programme will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants (up to 360 euros).


All the interested people should fill send the CV and Motivation Letter in English to


Application deadline: 15th April 2018


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