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LETS DO IT VOLUNTEERS 2 – ANU ANNUS – 6 months Volunteering in Lisbon – Portugal


Hello! My name is Anu, I am 19-years-old and yes, I am one of them who decided to do the EVS abroad. My EVS was 6 months in Portugal working with handicapped people.

My excitement about those months got crazy already at the airport, because it was my first time to travel alone. It was so nice to arrive finally at Lisbon, after a long drive by plane. Service started in September, so weather was sunny and warm every day, I saw palm trees every where, happy and tanned people etc.

About working, this was my first time to work with disabled people. In my first day, when I met my colleagues, tutor and mentor, I got little bit scared from the first view, seeing so many people with disabilities. But what was really positive, after 2-3 days it was already quite natural to work with them, because my coworkers were just so positive, helpful and understanding. I am so glad and thankful that i had so wonderful coworkers, because it was nice and happy vibe there literally every day. Also the clients, I saw that they were so cheerful to see me and they helped me too to adapt.

So about my work specifically. My main thing was working in artistic area, mornings in the cafeteria and helping to feed them in the lunchtime. Artistic area, it means dancing (so moving with music), theatre, improvising (they called it „clown“) and recycling (making, handicrafting new things from the old ones). My thing was help my tutor everywhere, as well as i could. Also, I made sandwiches and coffee for my coworkers every morning in the cafeteria. In the lunchtime, I helped the clients to eat, because most of them couldn’t eat by themselves (hands didn’t work at all or they couldn’t lift these).

But the EVS is not only about working. It’s also learning very many other new things. For example for me, about living with so many young people in the same house and also häving a roommate, this was new for me. But i really enjoyed it, because my roommate was just amazing girl, we are supergood friends now. And about the others, they were all positive and helpful, no one judged nobody. And the other important thing i enjoyed so much, was living long time far away from home in the other country, because Portugal is just amazing! Ofcourse there were so so many more useful things that i learnt: improving my English; learning new language, environnment; managing budget well; getting more independent and brave etc.. Just very many things!!


3 words about my EVS: wonderful, wonderful and WONDERFUL! If someone asks me about doing EVS then I will totally support that idea, because you just can have so many new ideas  and important experiences. And of course, friends and contacts for life!



This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme