marlen kakkori vabatahtlik teenistus european voluntary service franceName: Marlen Kakkori


Age: 24 years old


Region/City: Harjumaa, Tallinn






Activity Dates: 01.09.2017 – 30.08.2018


Total Months of Volunteering: 12 months


Hosting Country: France, Bordeaux


Hosting Organisation: Maison De L’Europe Bordeaux-Aquitaine (MEBA) – The House of Europe in Bordeaux


Main Activities Developed:
  • interventions at primary, middle and high schools, and youth activity centers about the topic of Europe and Estonia through non-formal education activities
  • language cafe’s for teaching Estonian and English
  • radio shows for introducing Estonia at three different radio stations
  • sustainable development team meetings for planning events to introduce this topic to Bordeaux public
  • organizing a cultural evening to all Bordeaux public for introducing Estonia
  • participating in free trainings and seminars on visual facilitation, intercultural learning, non-formal education, European Union and human rights
  • organizing events for the month of Europe during May


External Links: – text introductions of all the volunteers this year. – my introduction as volunteer (in French) with my two main teammates. – all the videos of our volunteers in this year project – our radio shows and under Radio Campus there is also my show: “Episode 10 – 19/01/18 : L’Europe se raconte en musique avec Marlen et Emeline qui nous parlent l’importance de la chanson en Estonie” or if easier, the link for only my show is here too:
Minutes 8:13-22:44 – the show is together 14 minutes about Estonia.

My blog is my monthly reports: