bilgesu mertturk evs turkey european voluntary service eesti estonia tallinnName: Bilgesu Merttürk

Age: 23

Country/City: Turkey/Istanbul






Activity Dates: 01.09.2017- 31.07.2018

Total Months of Volunteering: 11 months


Hosting City in Estonia: Tallinn

Hosting Organisation: Tallinna Kiisupere Lasteaed

Main Activities Developed: 

I work in the Tallinn Kiisupere Kindergarten with the 2 years old group of children at the moment. When needed I also help the other classes of different age groups. My main job is to help children with their daily activities that they cannot do by themselves and spending time with them.

Helping kids: I’m working with children have different age groups, with 1-2 years olders I help them to eat, to use toilet, to get dressed etc. And also I play games that suitable for their ages. (And they help me to improve my Estonian language)

Helping teachers: Every week teachers do different educational activities in kindergarten. I help them with their teachings and planned activities. During the special weeks and days I also help with giving ideas and doing decorations.

Drawing/language lessons : Every week I teach 5-7 years old children a Turkish word and teach to draw pictures related with that word.

Cultural events/other activities : I organize cultural activities with kids to teach them about features of Turkish culture. I also organize cultural events by inviting people from other nations for cultural representations.

I also go to trips and museums with kids to learn more with them. I join to the special events for teachers in the kindergarten. So far I went to ice skating, did oil painting, started to learn  to play piano, saw around the city and many other things with teachers.


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