anni tetsmann vabatahtlik teenistus european voluntary service italy itaaliaName: Anni Tetsmann

Age: 27

Region/City: Pärnu









Activity Dates: 7.11.2016 – 6.06.2017

Total Months of Volunteering: 7 months


Hosting Country: Sicily, Italy

Hosting Organisation: Associazione Culturale Strauss

Main Activities Developed:
  • Work in the local library – book inventory.
  • English lessons in local schools – I participated in English lessons in local schools, where I helped the English teachers to encourage students to speak in English.
  • English Conversation Club – I organized English conversation club together with other volunteers for the kids aged 7 – 13 years. Conversation club took place once a week for 2 hours for 10 weeks.
  • International project writing – I carried out activity for other volunteers who were interested in working with international projects. Once a week for two hours we came together and I explained the process of the project writing and project management.
  • Blog and campaigns – together with other volunteers I was responsible for creating important campaigns for local community and promote the campaigns in our blog. Also we started the personal EVS experience section in our blog.
  • Promoting international opportunities – I participated in activities, which aimed to promote Erasmus+ opportunities for young people. Also I created EVSLife page in Facebook, where together other volunteers we showed different parts of EVS volunteers’ lives.
  • Personal English lessons for high school students – few times a week I met with students from high school who wanted to improve their English speaking skills.


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