evs evt vabatahtlik teenidus taani denmark european voluntary service nyhNoored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for volunteer for an European Voluntary Service placement called “EVS WANTED” for 5 months, which will take place from 1st September 2018 – 31st January 2019 in VordingborgDenmark.



Hosting Place

Vordingborg Ungdomsskole og 10. Klasse is a municipal organisation for youth at age 13-18 which is providing many leisure activities and schooling for youth from the age group. The organization includes 4 big departments: 10th grade students, schooling for school drop outs (Heltidsundervisning), schooling for handicapped youth and the leisure, ´after school department´.

In the leisure deparment we provide a free access to 4 youth clubs located in different cities, numerous classes (game design, cooking, film, music, photography, languages, hunting and scooter license. and so on..), trips and events. Vordingborg municipality is located about 1 hour away from Copenhagen, so we are still placed in quite remote area. There are approximately 10 000 inhabitants in Vordingborg (city).

Main Activities

Youth Club Ungdomscafé – We have a youth club in the basement in our building that is open for youngsters to hang out 3 times a week – on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Club is a meeting point after school and a waiting space before going to different leisure classes (in film, music, creative activities, language classes, hunting, gaming etc.). The Youth Club has been open last year to create a synergy in the building and allow teachers and students from the classes to get together and inspire for cooperation. Nearly all classes are placed on these days, so the club also have a role of a social and engaging ´waiting room´ before and after the classes took place.

The facilities include: board games, TV with Xbox, table tennis, kitchen to make food and drinks, creative room and a music room. There is also a garden outside with a fire place, little gardening spot, tables and chairs. Ungdomcafé is a space where we can engage our youngsters and develop good relationships with them. You will get at least one shift at week in the club, together with another (Danish) co-worker. Feel free to come up with different sport activitities for our youth.

Activities in schools – as a part of our organization we have different school departments: ´MK´ – special teaching for physically and mentally handicapped youth. 10. Grade students – about 100-150 students each year attending classes with different profile ´Heltidsundervisning´ – special teaching for school drop outs that have educational difficulties, disadvantages background and/ or mental problems. Above that we want to make more projects with local schools, especially 7-9th grade students. We will make agreements with these schooling departments based on your interests and abilities so you can make some activities with them. Dancing class instead of traditional sport class? Making a football competition between classes? Teaching English, Greek or Estonian at school? Coordinating an International Day?

We also would like to spread the word about the volunteering and international projects and how to get involved, and thus make presentation about EVS for high school students.

Support in the city office (Bykontoret) – municipality is working on the city center development project that is about creating physical connections/ paths in the city as well as connecting its citizens and creating more projects involving local inhabitants. Recently there is a big focus on involvement of the young people.

Bykontoret is the best place to meet the local community enthusiasts and cooperate with them. You will get a chance to be assigned to the existing projects or make new ones.

Planning projects and events Coming up with ideas and making them happen! All projects with and for youth 13-18 will be great so do not hesitate to be creative and think out of the box. It will be great if youth is also involved in the process and/ or the project involves schools. You will spend some of the time writing and answering to emails or phone calls, getting in touch with partners and making research about the topic on the internet. You will also come to make press releases and working on PR activities. You are free to choose if your project ideas should take place in schools, other spots in the city or you are going to make a trip somewhere? Maybe some new local competitions will take place? Maybe you

start a jogging club or make food tasting for healthy snacks in schools?

Running leisure classes or assisting teachers We offer leisure classes in our organization, that are totally free of charge for youth 13-18 years old. We are open for creating new classes that you can run. Can you dance, are a football trainer or are an expert in making healthy snacks? Consider teaching it ☺ If you do not feel sure about running a class yourself or there are not enough youngsters who has signed up you may just choose to support our supervisors in teaching a language or other classes.

Working with social media You will be responsible for making updates on the Facebook page about your EVS stay. Page will be the best documentation of your EVS period especially for the further EVS volunteers. You will also write updates and post pictures on own organizational Facebook page.

Working with your own project time to do what you want to put your energy into and get some help if needed!

 Profile of the volunteer: 
  • To have between 23 to 30 years old;
  • not afraid to challenge her/himself in a new environment;
  • interest to work with young people in an open and friendly school space;
  • Specific skills will be a bonus addition (for instance in video, photography, dancing, cooking classes, games workshops, etc)
Accommodation and Lodging

The volunteer will be accommodated in a fully equipped shared apartment in Vordingborg with all the utilities included. Volunteer will receive 395 euros as pocket and food money per month and will have the possibility to use all the school common services.

The Erasmus + Programme will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants (up to 275 euros). We will provide full health insurance for the volunteer during the voluntary period.

All the interested people should fill send the CV and Motivation Letter in English to marco@nyh.ee



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