anu annus vabatahtlik teenistus european voluntary service portugalName: Anu Annus

Age: 19

Region/City: in Portugal: Cruz Quebrada-Dafundo

in Estonia (home): Väätsa parish, Järva County




Activity Dates: 04.09.2017-02.03.2018

Total Months of Volunteering: 6 months


Hosting Country: Portugal

Hosting Organisation: ProAtlantico Associacao Juvenil

Main Activities Developed:
  • My work is with disabled people, to help them in activities and every day life
  • Working in artistic area: we have dance classes to help them move more out of wheelchairs, theatre, singing classes and recycling, where we are making new interesting and useful things out of old things.
  • Working in “ateliers”: there we are literally making art, like handicraft, drawing etc.
  • Helping in the cafeteria: every morning my colleges are having a breakfast in the workplace. I am helping to make sandwiches and coffee in the cafeteria.
  • Work in the garden: my mentor got an idea to create a small vegetable garden near the center. I helped with digging, coloring the fences, preparing the area, planting etc.
  • Helping clients to eat in the lunchtime: every day in lunchtime we have to help people to eat, because most of them cannot do that individually.
  • Going out with the clients: usually on Fridays, if the weather is nice, then we are going out with clients. It means that, we are going out of the center to just enjoy the nature and people. So my help is to push the wheelchairs and helping to keep an eye on the traffic and safety.
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