ann aro vabatahtlik teenistus european voluntary service macedoniaName: Ann Aro

Age: 24

Region/City: Estonia, Harjumaa





Activity Dates: 31th October 2017 – 1st October 2018

Total Months of Volunteering: 12 months


Hosting Country: Macedonia

Hosting Organisation: VCS (Volunteers Center Skopje)


Main Activities Developed:

VOICES magazine

  • Well mostly I work on VOICES magazine where I write articles every month. I also design for my own and some other articles.
  • Then I have done some workshops in schools where we have different topics starting from volunteering and EVS, non formal education, goals etc.
  • I have taught kids English in language school using non formal way. For that I used games. For example I would make them draw their favorite things and then they would have to describe it. Also I would make them guess slang words from UK and USA.
  • With our team we have different events that we hold.  I hosted Estonian movie night where I also had Estonian food. We have board game nights, language cafes, language karaoke.

More Activities:

  • Then I started working in daily center that’s for young people with disabilities. I do that once a week.
  • Twice a week I go help a swimming coach in the local pool.
  • I am taking part MMUN ( Macedonian Model United Nations) as a delegate 🙂




VOICES Magazine: