Noortevahetus / Youth Exchange

noortevahetus nyh eesti superhero youth exchange erasmus+ estoniaName of the Project: Feel the World – Be the Superhero

Type of the Project: Youth Exchange

Place: Otepää, Estonia

Activity Dates: 17th to 25th August 2017

Number of Participants: 37

Countries Involved: Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy


Summary of the Project:

Last couple of years has brought us a lot of news about how refugees are taking unsafe ships, trains or any other vehicle to escape from their home countries. Some of them have to walk kilometers and kilometers to reach another country or people who would help them to leave the country.

Mothers with children who are only couple of months old are leaving their homes without knowing where exactly or to which conditions they are going – if they have something to eat or not; if they have a place to sleep or not and if in that other country are some compassionate people who would help them to start a new life. All of this is done most often illegally.

Migration is probably the hottest topics right now. Everybody is talking about it and everyone have an opinion about it, but very few people actually know what is the difference between refugee, asylum seeker and immigrant, what are the causes of movement, do they have right to social protection or how countries should manage refugees.

The main aim of the exchange is to widen youngsters world view on the topic of migration, make them more tolerant and acceptable toward differences and give them competences to address the problem in society.


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This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme