Name of the project: Volunteering: A Tool for Success

Date: 8th to 16th December 2017

Country/City: Norway, Hornsjø


 What was the main topic of the event?


Kristiine Saarmann: Different ways for volunteering in your country or around the world and the main challenges that come with it.

Killu Timm: Volunteering, using different methods for involving people. Teambuilding.

Laura Karp: Volunteering – what it is, why people are doing this, how and where people can do it, how to include different people with different backgrounds etc.

Valmar Ammer: To get new experience, different methods about working as a volunteer in all over the world.  And to get information about creating a project, different funding.

Jan-Martin Vandrecht: The main topic was about how volunteering works, where you can volunteer, what do you have to know before going as a volunteer and possible problems related to doing volunteering work (helping refugees, elderly people etc). We also learned how to write an Erasmus+ style project for those who need it. Also, huge collaboration of different cultures, people, emotions and aspirations that taught me more about human connection and communication.


What was the biggest learning moment in the event for you?


Kristiine Saarmann: There were a lot of great experiences I got from the project. Most informative ones were definitely about the situation in Palestine or in India and how the knowledge an average European possesses is immense compared to what is taught at other non-first world countries.

Killu Timm: The compliment circle, sharing emotions and experience.

Laura Karp: I’ve wanted to do EVS since 2011. So far it’s been just a thought, a dream. During this project, I realized that if you want to see the change, be the change. Take action. I’m sure, that my dream won’t be just a dream. It will become a reality soon enough.

Also, I got some really good information for my future work as a youth worker and working with volunteers. I think the information I got there was really necessary.

Valmar Ammer: I learnt how to accept other people with different backgrounds and ideas. I got a real touch of people who have been and who are volunteers. I really liked some methods I got there in that TC. Like contemporary dance, Columbia hypnosis, writing a project and get a lot of details about volunteering.

Jan-Martin Vandrecht: I learned that before a volunteer can start helping people in need they absolutely NEED to create personal connection (friendship) with the people who need help, A true volunteer has to earn their trust before they can start integrating changes into their life.


Do you have any plans to continue actively in the field? If yes, what?


Kristiine Saarmann: Definitely! I am planning to take part in at least one of the volunteering programs that was introduced during the project (by One World Institute). In addition, I would love to write a project in co-operation with the people who I met there.

Killu Timm: Yes, in environment protection, involving local NGOs.

Laura Karp: I study youth work so yes, definitely. In the future, I want to write projects for youth exchanges, training courses etc., be a trainer and mentor.

Valmar Ammer: Yes, maybe I can do some project as a partner organization or a trainer.

Jan-Martin Vandrecht: I got information about a oneworldinstitute project in Norway, in general, I found out that I’m good at working in groups and volunteers often go somewhere in groups.


Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?


Kristiine Saarmann: I would 100% recommend it to my friends, especially training courses in general. The people who come together in these types of projects are often very open-minded, intelligent and curious about the world so you can hear first-hand about their experiences, differences in culture and world view.

Killu Timm: Yes. It was a jump into the unknown waters, but the outcome was magnificent. You will discover and learn under very different angles.

Laura Karp: Definitely! Non-formal education is very important in my opinion. You can learn so much about different topics, about life, about the others, about yourself. These projects are very useful, but also very fun because it’s usually learning by doing. And the people.. The people you meet there are just amazing! I have so many beautiful memories.

Valmar Ammer: I would. It is very good experience.

Jan-Martin Vandrecht: Absolutely would recommend. This project gave me self-confidence and raised my motivation toward what I want to achieve in world. These type of projects encourage people to do good.


More comments or anything else you would like to share? You can add here in your own language, if you want!


Kristiine Saarmann: Thank you for this amazing opportunity! (=

Killu Timm: Follow your dream, share your thoughts, be open-minded and give a hug when needed. Always.

Laura Karp: Don’t hesitate, do it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone before the project. Doesn’t matter, just go! You will come back with heart full of memories and many many new friends.

Jan-Martin Vandrecht: Härjal tuleb sarvist haarata.


This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme