Name of the project: Culture – Straight to the Heart!
Date: 18thto 27th August 2017
Country/City: Poland

What was the main topic of the event?

Aljona Kurbatova- Main topic was culture. We presented our cultures through the history and mainly through cooking traditional food for other participants.
Saqlian Ali Raza- The main topic of the event was to understand the different European cultures and find out the similarities among these countries. The basic idea was to bring closer people through food and sharing cultures traditions and some workshops.
Egelin Ellermaa-The main topic of the event was cultural exchange and becoming more aware of the existing cultural prejudices.
Faizan Khan-  Main objective of this project was mutual intercultural learning and breaking stereotypes and prejudices that burden the relationships, strengthen our friendship bonds, get to know each other better by using the richness of our cultures. During non-formal education workshops we discussed visible elements of culture: folk dances, traditions, cuisines, and songs which provide us deeper understanding of our values. Through this exchange we realized differences and similarities connected with culture from various European nations. This project was great opportunity for the development of intercultural competence among the participants.
Kristjan Karu – The project main subject was about culture in general. Young people came together to learn about other countries traditions, habits, languages, national cuisines and folk dances.

What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Aljona Kurbatova –  I guess biggest learning moment was how to prepare traditional food for 40 people. Cause we should plan what to prepare and make other participants help us in cooking process.
Saqlian Ali Raza – Actually for me learning moment was more than one, like history of participating countries and and traditions of different European countries. Furthermore it also helped me to understand the civic attitude of the youth of different countries. Ice breaking, team building activates and cooking were also the major learning moments for me.
Egelin Ellermaa – For me the biggest learning moments took place, while I was having one-on- one conversations with the representatives of other countries. That way I came to learn about, how certain behaviours and habits otherwise very natural to my own culture can either lack or vary in the other culture.
Faizan Khan –  Biggest learning moment for me was cooking workshop. Daily we use to cook different dishes chosen by members representing their country in this project. For the first time in life I cooked Estonian food with the help of team members it was delicious. Secondly during the workshops and discussions we found out some similarities linking our traditions and try to work out common dialogue for understanding our diversity. We can work together for solving the problems encountered in the field of mutual intercultural communication.
Kristjan Karu – For me personally was the biggest moment when I learnt how to peel tomatoes, it was something totally weird and new for me. Also during project we got some traditional dance experience. For example how to dance Macarena and besides this during dancing how to sing it in spanish. It was complicated for everyone in the beginning but at the end together we managed to do it well.

Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, in what?

Aljona Kurbatova – Not as coordinator but as participant can be.
Saqlian Ali Raza – Yes I am planning to play an active role in these kind of activates.
Egelin Ellermaa – Well, culture was pretty much my specialty for the 3 years that I was studying in university, so for sure im hoping to advance my knowledge in this field even further, perhaps only by travelling, but maybe by continuing my studies as well. However im definitely planning on meeting up with some of the new friends I made in the exchange, so to experience their culture myself as well in their homeland.
Kristjan Karu – For me these youth projects are very good opportunity to find new friends and become more aware about new information and knowledge.. I am quite sure about continue in this field, especially with this kind of topic because culture is the main thing what separates and connects us.

Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

Aljona Kurbatova – Yes, I always recommend my friends and explain to those who don’t  know what erasmus+
Saqlian Ali Raza – Yes I would highly recommend because this kind of activates offers lot of new things to learn. It helps to breakdown the stereotypes about different cultures. Moreover you can have new friends as well.
Egelin Ellermaa – For sure, any such project contributes to having a more tolerant and expanded mind, which in turn will help us to better get along with each other and make the most of sharing this planet with other beautiful human beings.
Faizan Khan – Yes, I am willing to continue and play my role in this field. As a first step I would like to participate in such kind of projects, by participating I can share my previous experience with others and I can learn new things ,gain knowledge and most importantly I can make new friends from different countries same time.
Kristjan Karu – I would like to recommend this opportunity not only to friends rather to everybody because it is the best way to learn something new in different ways not like we do it in school usually.

More comments or anything else you would like to share? You can add here in your own language, if you want!

Faizan Khan –  I really enjoyed my time over there, spending time with people from different countries knowing about their language, food, music, life style. I have been to, few projects before but for me this Estonian team was the best Estonian team that I have ever been with .Lastly few words about amazing city of Krakow. Krakow is really beautiful and culturally rich city I will recommend everyone to discover this beautiful city in summer.
Kristjan Karu – I am very thankful for this awesome estonian team who made this exchange very enjoyable and funny. Also all these people who organized such an amazing and interesting project.
This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme