Name of the project: Conflict vs. Connection: A Practical Training for Young Peace-builders
Date: 10th– 17th April 2017
Country/City: Armenia, Yerevan

What was the main topic of the event?

Katrina Uueni –The topic of this event was to discuss different aspects of conflicts and how to transform them in a peaceful way, mainly through active listening, expressing feelings and finding compromises (non-violent communication techniques). This training gave you new skills and experiences in a non-formal education way, though extremely useful and helpful for future youth work. It taught me the most of how to work in groups, be tolerant, and how to express my own ideas, feelings out in the public.

Piia Paula Tarvis – The TC was about conflict theories, transformation and conflicts in Europe.
What was the biggest learning moments on the event for you?

Katrina Uueni –This event brought together 36 participants from 13 countries, so establishing new friendships and exchanging experiences was the most rewarding thing for me. It is inspiring to meet young like-minded people, who share the same values and beliefs like you and be able to have meaningful discussions, which can turn into new partnerships for organizations or study/job opportunities.
I also enjoyed the Human Library event,which was part of the training and organized by APY. It was so interesting and empowering to listen to other people’ s stories of their different struggles in life and how they overcome it. This made me feel more connected to others and knowing that I am not alone in this world who struggles in life- we all just need more compassion in life.

Piia Paula Tarvis – Definitely learning about conflicts in other countries as participants talked about their views on the issues in their home countries. Also the living library was eye opening – there was an Armenian girl who grew up in Estonia, so it was interesting to hear her story!

Do you have any plans to continue active in the field? If yes, what?

Katrina Uueni –As a matter of fact I do, yes. I definitely want to take part again on a training like this. As above-mentioned it is a great way to meet new people and make new friendships. Also the training will give you great team-building and group working skills through role plays and different games/exercises that a conventional education will not do.

Piia Paula Tarvis – Of course, as a law student I find peace to be a very important matter to achieve in everyday life and overall in the world!

Would you recommend it to your friends? I yes, why? If not, why not?

Katrina Uueni –I will most definitely recommend events like this to my friends. It is a great way to broaden one’ s mind and feel the diversity, but doing so getting more connected! You can experience so many different cultures, customs etc during the training, but in the end learn that we are all the same no matter where we are from, and form beautiful friendships.

Piia Paula Tarvis – Yes, the trainers were extremely friendly, nice and adequate in their field. The topic is extremely important and everybody should know more about it.

The group was formed by Katrina Uueni, Piia Paula Tarvis and Liina Selgmae

This Project was financed by European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme