Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for participants for a Youth Exchange named “Global Intercultural Warning Against Youth Radicalisation” which will take place from 2nd until 10th June 2017in Zakopane, Poland.
With the recent refugee crisis, the European values have been questioned. Having so many different cultures coexisting together in Europe has become a problem and there is an obvious growth of racist and xenophobic ideas and attitudes. In an economically and socially challenging moment for Europe, it is important to stress that diversity should be treasured and promoted. Young people who are behind of this project believe that Intercultural Dialogue, Learning and Communication are the best tools to promote youth de-radicalization, tolerance and cultural acceptance.
The main aim of this project is to gather young people from 7 different EU countries, discuss how the
Intercultural Learning can be used as a tool against radicalization and exchange ideas on the concepts of intercultural society which have become controversial.
The concrete objectives of our Youth Exchange are the following:
A. Discuss the concept of intercultural learning and explain how young people can avoid creating more stereotypes.
B. Learn about cultural diversity in different parts of Europe and exchange ideas on intercultural society
C. Develop a shared understanding of the concept of intercultural learning and multiculturalism.
D. Debate on how Intercultural Learning can be used as a tool to fight radicalization.
E. Develop a good working knowledge of Erasmus+ programme and how young people can use it to promote tolerance and anti-discrimination.
F. Develop new projects together promoting intercultural dialogue among different cultures and communities in Europe.
This event will bring together 3 participants from Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania and Portugal. There are 5 vacancies available. Participant should be minimum 18 until 30 years old.
The event will be held in English.
The Erasmus + Programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food and activities and will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants – up to 170 euros. There will be a participation fee of 40 Eur per participant.
All the interested people should fill the application form below. The application form must be sent to
Application deadline: 30th April 2017

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