Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for volunteer for 1 European Voluntary Service placement called “Rural EVS MOVEment” for 12 months, which will take place from 25th May 2017 to 25th May 2018 in Ozalj, Croatia.
About the organization:

Local Action Group (LAG) Vallis Colapis was founded in 2009 as an effort of rural towns and municipalities in the north of Karlovac County to implement EU LEADER program procedures for rural development. LAG operates in the area of 13 rural towns and municipalities and rural settlements that are part of the cities Karlovac and Velika Gorica.  LAG was founded as a non-profit organization whose founders are municipalities, local public institutions, representatives of the local business sector and non-profit organizations from this rural area.

LAG Vallis Colapis covers an area of 1025 km2 and has over 45.000 inhabitants and works on strengthening local capacities in order to empower local community to be self-sufficient in different fields relevant for this area – entrepreneurship, industry, tourism, agriculture, youth.. Through various cooperation’s with local and European stakeholders we have developed numerous project and programs that have greatly influenced local communities.
Description of the project:  

The volunteer will spend 5 days per week, up to 35h per week, 7h per day involved in activities of LAG Vallis Colapis: project managment, promotion, volunteering activities, organization, communication with local stakeholders, organizing activities, events, local presentation, mobilizing local youth, informing local youth, developing new projects ideas within Erasmus+ and other donators, as in the activities LAG supports in the local community as schools, local NGOs within which will develop specific tasks for the EVS volunteer(s) taking into account their special interest.

That means the volunteer will participate in all activities (workshops, presentation, promotion, photography, working with youth, working with people of different profiles, problem solving, brainstorming, different activities based on the character of the project and programs currently held by organization).
Holidays/weekends: volunteers have, in general, weekends off and the holidays as scheduled.

The main activities for the volunteer are:
        projects in field of education, culture, sport, arts  for young people,
        focused in the field of voluntary service in the local community, coordinating European volunteers in order to increase the active participation, European citizenship among youngsters;
        non-formal educational project for youth with fewer opportunities
        developing and implementing activities including peer-to-peer education
        ideas exchange for new projects and presentations
Accommodation:  The volunteers will be provided with completely furnished apartment in the town with a good location and close proximity to the office.
Food and Pocket Money: Volunteers will have monthly food and pocket money
The Erasmus + Programme will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants (up to 275 euros). We will provide full health insurance for the volunteer during the voluntary period.
All the interested people should fill send the CV and Motivation Letter in English to as soon as possible!
Application deadline17th March 2017

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