Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for volunteer for European Voluntary Service placements called MediArt” for 9 months, which will take place from 5th April 2017 to 5thJanuary 2018 in Serres, Greece.
Hosting Organisations is
PRAXIS: Inspires youngsters to participate and enjoy their work as volunteers in our activities and in the program of E.V.S. and youth exchange projects. PRAXIS offer opportunities to young people to express their creativities, spreading all interesting information for them and for their future life and employment. It also owns a non-profit making programme at the radio station ( ) and its broadcasts raise several issues that concern young people. On the e-magazine “MEDIART”, volunteers write articles, comments, opinions and the layout.
PRAXIS aims to create international opportunities for youth development – to strengthen dialogue between authorities and youth groups, including disadvantaged groups – to run local youth radio station structure- association activities: – creation of youth audition for the youth voice to be heard – arranging international intercultural educational experiences for youth.
PRAXIS aims to improve the job opportunities of young people from North Greece and to provide support in order for them to find their place within the European system
PRAXIS works as a sending and a hosting EVS organization since 1998.
-PRAXIS co-operates with the municipal cultural center of Serres, several Greek universities, local University, UNESCO and other institutions.
-Media and communication is one of main activities.
The Profile of the volunteer: proactive, motivated to work in a foster home environment, with sense of responsibility, like to work in a team, flexible, with handwork skills, and communication ability. We are looking for volunteers who can work with all social media, promoting social messages and the “international days” campaigns (via Facebook, writing articles in blogs, creating Youtube).
The volunteer’s tasks are the following:
Promotion and support of national and international campaigns (mostly connected to United Nations and their sub-organisations): Radio station (spots, broadcasts and technical support, sound system control); Management of the organisations various social network channels; Creation of videos related to Human Rights and related campaigns; Coverage of events (videos, photos, articles, interviews, radio reportages) ; International web- campaign promoting social and human values; Cooperation with schools; Leisure time using computers in Info-center of PRAXIS with the young refugees from the local refugee’s camp.
1) Radio Station (30%). The Volunteer will gain valuable experience working with media. Volunteer’s tasks are in control sound system during the journalistic radio-broadcast on the Master Sound control. Every day the volunteer has his/her personal radio broadcast. Every volunteer creates and records a personal radio spot to promote and advertise his/her broadcast.
2) International web- campaign promoting social and human values.(40%)
For the theme of every campaign, the volunteer receives all this information some weeks earlier. When the volunteer receives all data links about “THE INTERNATIONAL DAY” he/she has to inform about the subject and then works together with the professionals in order to have brain-storming discussion.
Tasks for every campaign:
a) PRAXIS cooperates with most of the international organizations , volunteers within the frame of ERASMUS+ programme, will participate in this campaign.
b) PRAXIS cooperates with all local authorities and all local NGOs. PRAXIS’s volunteer takes pictures, video interviews and finally all this documentation is shown on YouTube, local newspapers and media.
c) For each campaign the volunteer:
– makes a radio spot to promote a social message
– radio broadcasts
– writes a personal article on the volunteers’ blog
– uploads information on the facebook of PRAXIS
– creates posters, leaflets and flyers.
4) Cooperation with schools (5%). The activities mainly take place within the school, with the idea of creating links between schools and the organisation. But also many school classes are visiting the Radio station by many occasions (i.e. International Radio day, promoting their school projects).
The volunteer transmit his experience of mobility and youth participation:
– organization of a job orientation fair
– dissemination of information
5)Coming together-Bringing down barriers” is targeted at youth (Locals -European -Refugees) who live in the Serres community and are active in youth initiatives. It includes Creative workshops with young refugees in youth info-center of PRAXIS.  
In specific, the proposed project brings together youths who are using social and traditional media internet and computers in order to share common interests and activities such as a radio broadcast and promotional radio-spots, information material aimed at raising community awareness to cultural integration, teaching English, “Personalities Marketplace” activities, cinema nights, group games, stories and also personal life experiences exchange.
Volunteer time would be of 07 hours per day, 05 days per week, two consecutive days off per week and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project.
Accommodation: We will provide accommodation in an apartment with double bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room. The costs with electricity, water, gas, TV and Internet are covered by the Coordinating Organization. The volunteers will have towels and bed clothes for the entire period of the project.
Food and Pocket Money: We will provide €220 (every month) to cover costs of food and extra expenses during non-working time.
The Erasmus + Programme will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants (up to 360 euros). Volunteer will have full insurance and training and language support!
All the interested people should fill send the CV and Motivation Letter in English to
Application deadline: 21st February 2017
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