Hello All,

Welcome to our new area called “Sharing is Caring”. Noored Ühikonna Heaks finally decided to SHARE with everybody our different experiences in the Mobility Programmes all around Europe and the World.

This space will include interview, articles and pictures of what our participants are doing all around in our projects and intend to motivate and inspire other people in Estonia to join us! Literally here, SHARING IS CARING!

The content of the blog will be in Estonian, Russian and English language in order to include all the different language spheres in Estonia. All the text will be posted straight from the participants experiences, feedback and interviews and it WILL NOT be edited. We want to share all the different range of experiences and learning moments that our participants have during their projects!

This blog will contain experiences of ex-EVS volunteers, interviews of group leaders and participants of Youth Exchanges and overviews of youth leaders and workers in different training courses and seminars.

Enjoy your reading and be inspired! NOORED ÜHISKONNA HEAKS SHARING IS CARING!!

Board Member team