Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH) is promoting a call for participants for a Training Course called Feel the Flow –  Explore Yourself as a Trainer” which will take place from 01st until 09th August 2016in Yerevan, Armenia.
Many training courses for trainers in the youth field have a specific theme, meaning the focus for the development of competencies comes directly with the aim to equip participants to transmit that theme as a trainer. As a result, many basic but important skills are not covered.
This project will purely focus on being a trainer. It will help you to develop your trainer competencies for your personal development in the youth field and for the development of the
youth field in general. The aim of the project is: to build the competencies of beginning trainers in working with groups of young people in non-formal education.
What can you get out of it?
■■ Build your confidence in working with young people and groups.
■■ Come to better understand your motivation to work in the youth field.
■■ Improve your communication skills, and develop yourself as team member.
■■ Get empowered by becoming aware of your talents and strong aspects of your character as trainer.
■■ Increase your awareness of your body and emotions, and understanding of how this influences the work of a trainer.
This event will bring together 24 participants from Netherlands, Estonia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. The event will be held in English. There are 3 vacanciesavailable and participants should have minimum 18 years old.
The Erasmus + Programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food and activities and will reimburse 100% of the travel costs for the participants – up to 310 euros. There will be a participation fee of 40 Eur. per participant.
All the interested people should fill the application form below. The application form must be sentto
Application deadline: 14th June 2016

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