Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (NYH)held a Training Course on outdoor activities and leadership called Step Out – Step Up” which took place from 22nd until 30th July 2016in Viljandi, Estonia.
Step Out – Step Up is a training course that aimed to support the professional development of young leaders/trainers and to raise the quality of their projects concerning outdoor activities with learning methodologies. We approached the idea of leadership and outdoors activities on different levels: group dynamics, learning outcomes and intercultural context.
The training course used methods of experiential learning as role plays, simulations and hiking methods and group sharing methods as small and large group discussions. All over mission of the training course was to find the ways how to make the issue of outdoor activities attractive and uselful to the youth. Step Out – Step Up was designed to take place in Viljandi Suure-Jaani County in Estonia having the length of 8 days with participation of 32 youth leaders from Estonia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Austria and Moldova.
The training course was designed to empower youth workers to develop their competences on the Learning Process and importance when used in outdoor activities and its methods and then to make it relevant for young people. The activities were designed to fulfill those needs.
Objectives were:
To experience and reflect upon real-life processes of a group.
To gain a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning, as well as the dynamics of group processes.
To gain practical tools and methods for group facilitation.
Develop cross-cultural awareness by providing structured space for sharing, experiencing and addressing inter cultural learning.
Developing teamwork, leadership and cooperation
Here you can check our Report and more info about the project and activities:

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