Noored Ühiskonna Heaks is promoting a call for participants for a Training Course called CoexEast which will take place from 13th until 20th March 2013in Bielsko-Biała, Poland
CoexEast is a transnational co-operation project focused mainly on anti-discrimination and anti-xenophobia issues in a globalised world. Together with it, other subjects will be brought up, such as: inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, democracy, European awareness and citizenship or human rights.
Training aims at transferring knowledge, expanding skills, shaping positive attitudes of the trainers and building mutual understanding between countries, despite their historical and cultural differences in order to raise awareness for the protection of human rights and personal dignity. Together with increasing of human potential by providing learning opportunities to develop personal skills and professional competencies.
The objectives are:
To provide wider perspective on the topics of discrimination and xenophobia to youth leaders, trainers, youth workers, project managers, and volunteers from participating countries;
To expose the diverse ways discrimination and xenophobia are perceived in different countries;
To broaden participants’ knowledge of diversified and complicated history of Eastern Europe;
To give the ground for sharing our experiences from so different environments;
To improve participants’ competences in using rights-based approaches to tackle
situations of discrimination and xenophobia in their own surroundings;
To share materials and familiarise with non-formal education methods;
To equip educators with skills needed to design and implement discussions on the topics of discriminationand xenophobia;
To expand a network of qualified trainers and youth workers able to work in the fields of human rights (with focus on discrimination and xenophobia) in Europe and Caucasus region.
This event will bring together 33 participants from Albania, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Lithuania, Romania and Serbia. The event will be held in English. There are 3 vacancies available and participants should have minimum 18 years old.

The Youth in Action programme will cover 100% of the accommodation, food and activities and will reimburse the participants with 70% of the travel costs. There will be a participation fee of 40 Eur. per participant.

All the interested people should fill the application form below. The application form must be sent to

Application deadline: 8th February 2013